Jeff Wood - Unjustly Sentenced to Death Under the Law of Parties

Video of news footage from KABB in San Antonio of Texas Moratorium Network's February 24, 2009 press conference at the Texas Capitol on the Law of Parties with the Law of Parties bill sponsor Rep Harold Dutton, Lawrence Foster and Kenneth Foster Sr, Steven Been (brother-in-law of Jeff Wood), Mary Ellen Felps and Texas Moratorium Network's Scott Cobb. After the press conference, there was another Law of Parties bill filed by Rep Terri Hodge, which we also supported. Rep Dutton has refiled his Law of Parties bill in 2011. The bill numbers in 2011 are HB 2511 and HB 855.

Thank you to everyone who contacted the Governor and the Board of Pardons and Paroles
Jeff was Scheduled for Execution Thursday, Aug 21, but he has been granted a stay


Rally and March to Save Jeff Wood

August 16, 2008
Austin, Texas at the Capitol
11th and Congress Avenue

Jeff Wood is waiting to die on Texas Death Row with an execution date of August 21st, 2008. Please contact Governor Perry and the Texas Board of Pardon and Paroles on behalf of Jeff Wood . Jeff was charged under the Law of Parties and was not the shooter in this crime. Jeff could not anticipate that a murder would occur. The actual shooter in this case has already been executed by the state of Texas.

It took over 17,000 people contacting Governor Perry and the Board of Pardons and Paroles to make a difference for Kenneth Foster, whose death sentence under the Law of Parties was commuted by Governor Perry last year. Please help save Jeff as Kenneth was saved.

The cousin of Kris Keeran (the murder victim) wants to save the life of Jeff Wood:

"My cousin was the person killed by Danny, not Jeff. I say this as a family member who realized long ago Jeff had no part in my cousin's murder and he shouldn't be executed. It's insane to kill another person who did not kill Kris. The video showed Jeff took no part in it. Jeff was one of my friends growing up and someone I think deserves a chance. If he didn't kill him, why should we kill Jeff? This is ridiculous."
- Amanda Smith, Texas
June 19, 2008


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